Part-NCC Management

Releasing You From The Complexity Of NCC Regulations

From August 2016 the Regulation of EASA Part NCC applies to non-commercial flights in complex motor-powered aircraft to all owners and operators having their principal place of business in one of the EASA Member.


KapaJet has developed a tailor-made offer releasing Owners and Operators of business jets operated privately from the complexity and personal liability of the new regulations “Part-NCC” maintaining the flexibility of the operation.


By delegating your Part-NCC operational responsibility and accountability to KapaJet, you will experience a seamless transition to Part-NCC compliance with no interruption to your flying schedule.

Our Part-NCC Management Solutions includes:


Set up and maintain an Operations Manual and other required documentation

A Safety Management System and Compliance Monitoring System to Aircraft and Crew

Continuing Airworthiness requirements of the aircraft are met

Management and oversight of inspections (both aircraft and operations)

Assumption of all responsibility and liability for the operations of your aircraft

Supervising all Crew Training requirements and records

Audit of the Aircraft and its equipment according to required standards

Operational facilities are fit for purpose

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